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I dont really know but I need the answer please

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Q: Explain why most food nutrients do need to be digested?
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Where most food are digested?

Most food is digested in the stomach.

What nutrients are digested in the small intestine?

The small intestine is where nearly all of the nutrients are digested. The stomach breaks down the food into a liquid and the colon absorbs water.

Is digested food absorbed through the wall of the gut to the stomach?

Some absorption also happens there however, most of the absorption of nutrients happens in the small intestines with the help of the many enzymes to break down the food that is digested by the stomach.

Where is most of your food digested?

Most of the food is digested in your stomach, where the stomach muscles contract to squeeze the food into a thick, runny liquid.

What happens to most of the digested food carried by the capillaries?

the capillaries diffuse the digested food to every cell in the body

Where is most of the digested food stored?

Digested food isn't really stored, it passes through the body at a steady pace.

Where in the human body is most food digested?

In the small intestine

Where does most digested food transfer into your blood?

At the small intestines.

What happens to digested nutrients in crayfish?

Food is handled and processed first by the mouthparts and then is crushed by the mandibles before being swallowed. It then makes its way through the three main regions of the digestive system. Any remaining material (not digested) is packaged into fecal pellets surrounding by a mucous membrane. Contractions of the midgut force the pellets along to the hindgut and into the enlarged rectum. Rapid rectal contractions push the pellets out the anus at the base of the tail.

Inability to absorb digested nutrients and secrete mucous might indicate a disorder in which tissue?

The inability to absorb digested nutrients and secret mucous might indicate a disorder in the simple columnar tissue. Its function is to line most organs of the digestive tract.

Why most food esten by humans must be digested before they can be used by the body?

Food must be digested before it can be used by the human body. This is due to the fact that food molecules are too big for the body to do anything with, so the body requires chemical and mechanical digestion to pull out the nutrients inside the food. Anything left over after the nutrients are used up is expelled from the body via the excretory system.

What is a role of a human intestine?

To take the nutrients out of food and let them be abosered into your bloodstream