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vas deferens

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Q: From this tube the sperm go into a larger tube called the?
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Can a egg and a sperm go though one tube that has one clamps on it?


Where does the sperm go?

The sperm is made in the testis and when sexual intercourse happens the sperm travels through the Sperm tube, into the penis out of the penis and into the vagina it then travels into the Fallopian tube. And finally one of the sperm will meet the egg in the oviduct and fertilisation will happen then a baby will start developing.

What are the tubes called that sperm cells go through?

The sperm are formed in tubes called seminiferous tubules. They then travel into the epididymus (another tubule network), up through the ductus/vas deferens (another tube) up the front of the pelvis then over the top of the bladder nad back down posterior to it. Here they enter the ejaculatory duct (another tube) which empties into the urethra (another tube). Take you pick.

How does the sperm get in to the egg?

To get to the egg the sperm has to first go through sexual intercourse and then the sperm travels in a liquid till it reaches the fallopian tube where the egg is to get into the egg the sperm uses its tail. (only a brief way)

What is the tube called that absorbed food molecules go to?


What makes the mercury go up and down the fine tube of the thermometer?

When anything, in this case mercury, gets warmer it gets larger and vice versa, when it gets cooler it gets smaller. As the mercury gets warmer and larger it fills more of the tube and when cooler it fills less of the tube.

How do hormones move?

When the males reproductive parts go into the women, the sperm goes through the fallopian tube. Hormones are produced then and flow in the females body

Can a girl get pregnantoif sperm enters her anus while she's on her period?

No, obviously a woman cannot get pregnant as a result of sperm in her anus.For a baby to be made semen has to go into the vagina for it to go on to meet the egg in the fallopian tube, then when fertilized the zygote goes on to implant in the uterus.

Where does your food go through to get to your stomach?

It goes through a hallow tube called the esophagus.

How deep can you go underwater breathing through a tube?

It's called a diving hookha

Where does sperm have to go in through to get a girl pregnant?

Sperm must travel through the vagina into the uterus/womb then into the fallopian tube where the female egg cell travels through A woman must have intercourse or have a doctor implant fertilize eggs

What is it called when the sperm enters the egg cell?

go and ask ur dad's faulty condom :)

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