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  1. Uso doméstico

Comprende el agua que consumimos para actividades realizadas en nuestro hogar como:



Lavado de ropa y utensilios de cocina


Aseo personal

Regar el jardín

Y en algunos casos podemos incluir hasta bañar al perro.

  1. Uso del agua en el deporte y ocio

Tanto en ríos, lagos, mares, piscinas, etc. El ser humano desarrolla una gran cantidad de actividades de entretenimiento y deportes acuáticos, como por ejemplo:





Esquí acuático


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Humans use water to cook food and wash clothes.

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Q: Give two examples of how humans use water in ways that other organisms do not?
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a litte over 1% is available to humans and other organisms.

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Organisms can be dispersed by wind, water, or living things, including humans

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It is a must to live for humans and many other living organisms. Cuz your body needs hydrogen in forms other than air

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Some examples are birds and single-celled organisms living in water

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Examples are water, air and sunlight.. These are just examples not the answers the answer is for you to find out yourself..

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humans sweat to remove water

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Humans influence the environment everyday. They pollute the air, water and land and make organisms go extinct. They also destroy ecosystems for buildings.

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living things example: Humans are organisms and plants are organisms the opposite is non-living things such as: soil,air,sunlight,and water

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terrestrial organisms lose water by different ways:- 1) by excretion (in humans and animals) 2)by trans location (in plants)

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Humans and most organisms like other mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, water animals convert the inhaled oxygen into carbon dioxide which is a waste gas excreted from the lungs.

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