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Bacterial cells different from plant and animal cells is because plant has a cell wall and animal cells don't.

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Bacterial cells have no nucleus, and are much smaller than animal and plant cells.

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Bacteria cells are much older cell types called prokaryotes (they have no true nucleus) and they have no membrane bound organelles. While and plant cells do which makes them more complex.

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Q: How are bacterial cells different from plant and animal cells?
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How are animal and bacterial cells alike and different?

Plant, animal, and bacterial cells alike and different in a great number of ways. These cells all for example can have organelles.

Why plant animal and bacterial cells have different parts?

well, bacterial cells are mostly made to destroy and damage other cells and plant and animal cells are meant to produce and help the body.

Do bacterial plant and animal cells have walls?

only plant and bacterial cells have walls

How are bacterial cell different from animal and plant cells?

bacterial are much smaller plant cells are square shaped and animal cells are round also bacteria are prokaryotes,they dont have a nucleus,unlike plants and animal cells that do have a nucleus.

Out of bacterial cells animal cells and plant cells which contain DNA?

Bacterial cells, animal cells, and plant cells all have DNA. DNA contains information for the cell on how to perform tasks. In plant and animal cells, DNA is contained in a nucleus, unlike bacterial cells where DNA is contained in a nucleoid.Hope this helped

What is the differenc e of a animal cell from a plant and bacterial cell?

The difference between animal cells, plant cells, and bacteria is quite simple. Animal and plant cells have a nucleus, bacterial cells don't. Bacteria and plant cells both have cell walls, but animal cells don't. And plant cells are the only ones that have chloroplasts.

How does bacterial cells differ from plant or animal cells?

it does not have a nucleaus

What is the difference between plant and animal and bacterial cells?

Plant and animal cells are eukaryotic and bacteria are prokaryotic

Are bacterial cells bigger than plant or animal cells?


How are bacterial reproduction different from reproduction in animal and plant cells?

because they can make some people sick

Are vacuoles in animal cells or in plant cells?

Vacuoles are present in all plant and fungal cells, but they can also be found in a few varieties of animal and bacterial cells.

How are plant animal and bacterial cells alike and different?

The cells of plants and animals are extensively larger than the cells of bacteria. Animal cells average about 10 to 30 micrometers, plant cells between 10 and 100 micrometers while bacterial cells are 2 micrometers.