How are enzymes degraded?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Enzymes can be denatured if the pH is too acidic or basic, or at very high or low temperatures.

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Q: How are enzymes degraded?
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How a mold growing on an orange obtains its food.?

As the fungal hyphae expand into the orange, they produce enzymes. These enzymes break down different chemicals in the orange. The degraded chemicals are then absorbed by the hyphae to be used as food.

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An enzymes called nuclease ( nucleic acid degrading enzyme ) degrades all DNA that is not protected, such as DNA in the nucleus.

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How can adrenergic drugs be structurally modified to have a longer duration of action?

It can have one less OH group than catecholamines. The new structure will not be recognised by metabolic enzymes so the drug will not be degraded by COMT.

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Why does fever increase YOUR bmr?

Not really. Actually, in case of fever, temperature is increased which causes most of the enzymes to be degraded, therefore enzymatic activity get decreased that leads to lowering of the metabolism rate. Thus, BMR is decreased.

Explain why the ability to rapidly degrade mRNA can be an adaptive advantage for prokaryotes?

Prokaryotic mRNA molecules are degraded by enzymes after only a few minutes . Thus bacteria can quickly alter patterns of protein synthesis in response to environmental changes.

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