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The similar cells that make up epidermis tissue is chloroplasts. Other tissues have different shapes of cells because the chloroplasts are bigger so it is a different size than other tissues cells.

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Q: How can you describe the similar cells that make up the make up epidermis tissue in the leaf and how other tissues have different shapes of cells?
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How many tissues does a leaf have?

4 tissues: The Upper Epidermis The Palisade layer Spongy Layer The Lower Epidermis. All these tissues do very different jobs! XX

What is the function of the epidermis in a monocot stem?

The function of the epidermis in the stem is to protect the underlying tissues.

What is the tissues in the epidermis?

Tissue type of the epidermis is stratified squamous epithelium.

Are the tissues that make different organs similar or dissimilar?


What are not human tissue?

Plant tissues would not be found in animal cells. They include the following: Meristematic tissues Parenchyma Collenchyma Sclerenchyma Epidermis (different from the epidermis in animals) Xylem Phloem Source: Wikipedia article Tissue (Biology)

Are the tissues made up of different cells?

Tissues are made up of different cells which perform similar functions.

What tissues of a leaf have guard cells and stomata?


Like your skin a leafs what protects its more tender inner cells?

tissues are layers of similar cells. the outside layer of a leaf is called the epidermis tissue. the epidermis is made of flat cells . this layer is like the top layer of your skin. it protects the plant.

What kind of plants tissue is not epidermis or vascular tissues?

The "ground" or "ground tissue" is plant tissue is not epidermis or vascular tissue.

How are tissues differenT from organ?

Organs are viewed as a higher order and structure. Tissues make up organs. Pancreatic tissue is formed and structured into an organ (Pancreas). Epidermis is a skin tissue, but all skin tissues make up the skin organ.

What are the two basic tissues that make up skin?

The two basic tissues that make up the skin are the dermis and the epidermis.

The outermost layer of plant cells or tissues providing a covering for the plant body?

As in you this is called the epidermis. On top of that is a waxy cuticle that further protects the plant and also retains moister.