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It may be that in the litter that one of the cats came from the mother or father was a white cat ( that would be a recessive gene) and it reoccured in this generation. Just because it's a recessive gene doesn't mean it can't come back.

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Q: How could two black cats produce a kitten that has white fur?
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What shall you call your black and white kitten?

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What color is Berlioz the aristocat?

Berlioz is the black kitten. Toulouse is the brownish - orange one, and Marie the white kitten.

What are the names of the kittens in the aristocrat cats?

Marie (white girl) Berloiz (black boy) Toulouse (orange boy)

What color kittens you will get if you breed black male and white will female?

Theoreticly it should be a brown kitten. But more than likley it will be a 50/50 chance of being black or white. Or maybe the kitten(s) will be black with white spots, or white with black spots. You'll have to bredd them and find out. P.S: it is written "COLOUR" not Color, Color is what you put on a dogs neck.

What could you name a female grey and white kitten not smokey?


What will a black and a ruby eyed white gerbil produce?

Well, it depens what color the parents are and well if the black gerbil has black parents and if the ruby eyed white gerbils parents are white there babies will probably produce white and black babies.

IF Litter is 3 brown tabbies two gray tabbies and one black and white can they have the same father?

If there is a litter of kittens, there could be a different father for each kitten.

What is the name of a cartoon kitten that is black and white?

Sylvester! :D I hope he never eats Tweety.

Which kitten is which in the arristocats?

The white one is Marie, the black one is Berlioz, and the orange one is Toulouse.

Can two Liver and white German wire haired pointers produce black and white puppies?

yes like any other dogs they can for example spaniels that are liver and white can produce black and white pups.

Breed a tabby cat and a white cat what color will the kittens be?

They could be white, grey, white and grey, or many other things. It is all about genetics. There could be a recessive gene in there for dark fur, so you might end up with a black kitten, or some other random color. Most likely you will get a white, grey or mixed white and grey kitten.

What do you mix with black to produce the color gray?