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If there is an mutation in the duplication every time the cell goes through mitosis it will be copied wrong

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Q: How do you make a hypothesis about the effect of an incorrect mitotic division on the new cells produced?
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The second meiotic division is essentially a mitotic division except for the fact that the cells produced are?


How many cells are produced from a single cell after five mitotic division?


Which types of cells are created by mitosis?

Somatic cells are produced from mitosis. Gametes are produced from meiosis.

When complex plants are produced by cloning which process is most directly involved?

Mitotic cell division is the complex plants that are produced by cloning.

The cloning of cells involves in the process of?

Mitotic cell division. #3 on castlelearning(;

How many different kinds of cells are produced at the end of a single mitotic division?

two diploid cells from each parent

When complex plants are produced by cloning what process is involved?

when complex plants are produced by cloning mitotic cell division process is mostly involved

Protists have what are called intermediate mitotic organization. What is the most probable hypothesis about these intermediate forms of cell division.?

They show some but not all of the evolutionary steps toward complete mitosis

What is the outcome of one mitotic division?

I have no clue

What is period during the life of a cell when it has finished mitotic division?

M phase is the period in the life of the cell when it is conducting cell division. This is part of the cell cycle.

Is a mutation passed on to new cells that are copied by it?

A mutation is passed on to new cells when the parent cell undergoes DNA replication in preparation for mitosis or meiosis. After DNA replication, mitotic cell division or meiotic cell division will occur, and the mutation will be passed on to the new cells. All of the cells produced by mitotic cell division will have the mutation and half of the cells produced by meiotic cell division will have the mutation.

What many chromosomes would each daughter cells have in mitosis?

In humans, each daughter cell produced by mitotic cell division will have 46 chromosomes.