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The cancer had caused the cells to form a tumor; whether it was malignant or benign was unknown.

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Tumors are abnormal growths that can be benign or cancerous. For example, a biopsy revealed that the tumor in the patient's lung was cancerous, indicating the presence of lung cancer.

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Q: How do you use tumor and cancer in the same sentence?
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How do you use the word tumor in a sentence?

1. you did just use that word in a sentence 2. if a doctor would use the word tumor in a sentence they would probably say "we need to remove the tumor from this persons body."

How do you use malignat in a sentence?

The tumor is malignant.

How do you use sentence with tumor?

Many people have brain tumors.

Use occult in a sentence?

He dabbled in the occult. she had an occult tumor.

What are tumor markers most frequently used for?

Monitoring cancer treatment is the most common use of tumor markers. As cancer is reduced, levels often decrease. Stable or increasing levels often indicate that the cancer is not responding to treatment.

Does anyone use the herb eyebright for a cancer tumor behind the eye?

It is probably safe to use eyebright as an alternative treatment for a tumor. You should also probably use conventional medicine.

Use malignant in a sentence?

The oncologist informed her patient that the tumor was malignant.

How do you use dignosed in a sentence?

He has been diagnosed with cancer

Can you use brain tumor cell cultures from tissues instead of cell lines?

No. They will contain abnormal cells and cancer if implanted.

Why do doctore use x-ray?

Because it lets them see where a problem is in someones body, it can show them a crack in a bone or a tumor, or cancer.

What are some treatments for lung cancer?

The direct cure is to remove the tumor, but otherwise you just use antibiodics, and painkillers to stop the pain.

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