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Prokaryottic cells divide by binary fission , it replicates its DNA then divide the cell into two by cytokineses.

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Mitosis & Cellular Binary Fission.

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A simple process called binary fission.

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binary fission

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Q: How does cell division occur in prokaryotes?
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What is the name given to cell division is prokaryotes?


What is an example for cell division in prokaryotes?

Binory Fission

What is the name given to given to cell division in prokaryotes?


Why mitotic cell division is called homotypic cell division?

Mitotic cell division is called homotypic cell division because no crossing over is occur in this division and pairing of homologous cromosome is also not occur. So caracteristics of daughter cells is same as mother cell. As there is no variation occur, so this type of cell division may called homotypic cell division.

What cell division do most prokaryotes reproduce?

they reproduce by to be specific Binary Fussion

What is cell division in prokaryotes called?

The division of cells in prokaryotes is called mitosis just as it is called in eukaryotes.

How does the cell division in germ cell occur?


What would happen to cell division if a chemical was put in the cell the did not allow for cell division to occur?


What might occur in a leukemia cell that does not occur in a normal cell?

regulation in cell division and growth is stopped

What does uncontrolled cell division occur in?


During what phase of the cell cycle the cell division occur?


Is interphase considered part of cell division?

No, interphase is part of the cell cycle and so is cell division. They occur at differenttimes in the cell cycle.