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yes and no DNA is transfred when the sperm and egg meet and create a mutaul bond

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It depends on how many chromosomes are in one genetic material

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Q: How is genetic material transferred from one generation to the next?
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What is the carrier for all the human genetic material for the next generation?


What role does a nucleus play in reproduction?

It performs meiosis to divide its genetic material so it may be passed on to the next generation.

What do you understand by the statement DNA is the primary genetic material of the cell?

DNA is the primary genetic material of all cellular organisms and is housed in the nucleus or cytoplasm. DNA controls the cells functions.

What will happen to a cell if the nucleus is absent?

If a cell lacks a nucleus, it will not be able to carry out essential functions like DNA replication, transcription, and translation. This will impair the cell's ability to control gene expression and produce necessary proteins, ultimately leading to cell death.

What does the phrase successive generation mean?

Successive generation refers to the sequence of offspring produced from one generation to the next within a species. It signifies the continuous passage of genetic material and traits from parent to offspring.

What are some genetic diseases that are passed down from generation to generation?

The term "genetic disease" refers to a disease that is inherited- or passed from one generation to the next.

What function in the passing of genetic information to the next generation?


How do the acquired color during lifetime gets transferred to next generation?


How do traits differ from one generation to the next?

Genetic traits differ from one generation to the next because the next generation has genes from both parents, unless of course you are talking about a clone. Also, the genetics of the next generation can be from recessive traits of the parents.

If the grandparents generation had twins what generation is next to have multiples?

Although there is a genetic component to twin births, many multiple births are not genetic. If one generation has twins, the next generation may also have twins. The likelihood of twins reduces with succeeding generations that do not have twins. Multiple births does not have patters such as generation skipping, and is never guaranteed.

In some protists genetic information is transferred from one cell to the next. This transfer is called .?


What is the term for changes in allele frequency that that happen randomly from one generation to the next?

Genetic drift