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You have two recessive alleles

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Q: How is it possible to have neither allele dominant?
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What is it when an allele is neither dominant nor recessive?

this is called codominance when alleles are neither dominant or recessive.

What is A pattern of inheritance in which neither allele is phenotypically dominant to the other?

incomplete dominance

What gene is masked if it is paired with a dominant gene?

The different forms of a gene are called alleles. In Mendelian genetics, a gene has a dominant allele and a recessive allele. The dominant allele masks the recessive allele if present. So there are two possible dominant genotypes: homozygous dominant, in which both dominant alleles are present; and heterozygous, in which one allele is dominant and the other allele is recessive. The only way to express a recessive trait is to have the homozygous recessive genotype.

When on e allele of a gene masks the presence of the other allele what form is masked?

The recessive allele.

What contrasting alleles may in some cases result in a case where neither allele is dominant over the other?

If both alleles are recessive, then you will haev a case where contrasting alleles that do not have dominance. Neither allele has the power to be dominant so they will both have equal power of genetics.

What is caused by a dominant allele located on an autosome?

The dominant allele will cause the appearance of the phenotype that this dominant allele represents...

What gene is defined as a gene that controls the appearance of a certain trait?

the dominant allele

What is allele masked by the dominant allele?

The Allele That Is Covered By The Dominant Allele Is The Recessive Allele.

Which is the dominant allele?

The dominant allele is the trait that shows up in the organism when the allele is present

When neither allele is dominant what are they expressed as?

Both of the alleles must be recessive. The trait expressed is a recessive trait.

Is a recessive allele different from a dominant allele?

Yes, they are different. A recessive allele gets its name because when in the presence of a dominant allele, it will "recede" and not show, hence the name for the dominant allele.

What is it Dominant allele What is a recessive allele?

A genotype in which there are both a dominant and a recessive allele is called heterozygous.