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I am growing Milkweed , and Monarch Butterflies will only lay her eggs on them because monarch caterpillas can only eat this type of plant. :) I hope I helped everyone with this question :)

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milkweed is important to butterflies because

it is their food

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Milkweed is named after the milky sap you can get from the leaves. This was a cure for warts.

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Q: How is the milkweed important to butterflies?
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Why is milkweed plants important to monarch butterflies?

They don't hurt the milkweed plant, really. They do drink the nectar in the flower and/or lay eggs underneath the leaves of the plant.

What does a milkweed egg turn into?

Eggs on milkweed are eggs of monarch butterflies or milkweed beetles.

What flowers do monarch butterflies not like?

What plants Monarch butterflies do not like is not all that important, though no specific plants that they do not like are known. The most important thing is that they not only like, but need specific kinds of milkweed for their survival. They lay their eggs on milkweed and the caterpillars feed on the plant.

What flowers do butterflies like to suck?

Butterflies like milkweed. (monarchs do, at least)

What to butterflies eat and drink?

sugar water and milkweed

How is milkweed important to butterflies?

because there is nutrians and because greens are good for animal and humans

How baby monarch butterflies are fed?

They feed themselves by finding milkweed. Or they are caterpillars and once again milkweed.

What bug tastes bitter and yucky to birds?

Monarch Butterflies because they feed on milkweed and milkweed is poison.

What are the monarch butterflies closes relatives?

Monarch butterflies are large, black and orange in color with white spots. Monarch butterflies closest relatives are the milkweed butterflies.

What makes butterflies that eat milkweed dangerous to there preditors?

The monarch caterpillar is at a high risk when they eat Milkweed. Milkweed got its name because its full of a sticky milk colored liquid. Many caterpillars get stuck in it and die. The caterpillars that eat milkweed are immune to a special toxin in the milkweed but still are at risk of dying in the sticky liquid. Butterflies do not eat milkweed. They drink nectar from flowers or juice from fruits.

What is the host plant for Monarch butterflies?

monarchs lay their eggs on many plants such as milkweed and swan plants

Why do butterflies only lay eggs on milkweed leaves?

cause that's what they do