How serious is a tumor in the spleen?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If the tumor is malignant, then it is serious no matter where it is located. However, the Spleen can be removed as the body can get by just fine without it. So as long as the tumor hasn't metastasized to somewhere else, then the person should be fine.

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Q: How serious is a tumor in the spleen?
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What can liver and spleen scans detect?

Cirrhosis and splenomegaly due to abscess or tumor

Is brain tumor a serious affect?

Yes, a brain tumor is very serious affect. It can kill you. Most people that develop a brain tumor can die shortly afterwards.

What makes the spleen so vulnerable to serious injury?

Because by drinking fertiliser the pituitary gland swells, causing a ruptured spleen

How serious is a 6cm mass in colon?

The size of the tumor is less important than whether or not it is benign or malignant. A 6cm tumor in the colon can cause obstruction however regardless of whether or not it is benign or malignant.

What does it mean when a tumor is benign?

When a tumor is benign, it means that it does not have the ability to invade the other cells in the body. Moles and warts are examples of such tumors.

Can you have surgery on your spleen?

it is possible to have surgery on a spleen, you can also have your spleen removed but only if its due to something serious, like a blood disorder etc.......the main 2 organs to ever get removed from humans is the appendix (appendicitis) and the gallbladder (mainly due to gallstones)

Can a brain tumor go away on its own?

No, Usually they have to be removed by surgery. but get medical attention right away if you have a brain tumor. They are very serious, and can kill you!!

How serious is a 6 Cm tumor in colon?

the melting point of pure zinc is .... yahhhahahhhah

What would cause a large lump like swelling and pain below left rib cage more on the side Between waist and ribs?

It could be a bruise or a harmless fatty tumor. It could also be an enlarged spleen which would indicate a serious problem and be rapidly fatal if ruptured or a cancer. You should see your doctor.

Where in the body is the largest single collection of lymphoid tissue?

That is called as Spleen.

What is the medical term meaning hormone-secreting cancer tumor?

An endocrine tumor is a mass that begins in the parts of the body that produce and release hormones.(the Endocrine System, which is made up of cells that produce hormones) Because an endocrine tumor develops from cells that produce hormones, the tumor itself can produce hormones and cause serious illness.

What is the largest lymph organ in human body?

The spleen is the largest lymphy node in the human body