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Fish would die or would have adapted to freeze for a few months. : -}

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Q: How would life in a lake be affected if ice sank and lakes froze from the bottom up?
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Why is it a good thing that ice forms on the top of water first?

if it froze from the bottom up, it would not be able to melt (like in deep lakes) and the life on the bottom of the lake, pond etc. would die.

How would life in a lake be affected ice sank and lakes froze from the bottom up?

#1- Its would take longer that usual to freeze the lake ( depending the depth ) #2- The life at the botton of the lake would die from the coldness and then the other life at the top would die cause if the top DOESNT freeze then nope of the life dies

If water contracted as it froze what would happen to earth?

Life on earth would probably be impossible, as lakes and rivers would freeze from the bottom up becoming completely solid (not the top down leaving liquid at the bottom) killing anything there. As life began in water, being unable to exist there it could never have moved to the land or air.

How can you use froze in a sentence?

Froze is the past tense of freeze. An example sentence would be: She left her cup in the snow and it froze.

How would lakes oceans and the atmosphere be affected if water had different freezing and boiling points?

Lakes and oceans would be effected because if the boiling point changed, the water could evaporate...not sure about the atmosphere. Sorry!

What would happen if time froze but space didn't?

Time is the measurement of a change from one state to another. If it somehow froze, nothing would move.

What is the simple past tense of freeze?

The past form of "freeze" would be "froze."

In the winter ice floats on the top of a lake. How is this helpful to the plants that live in the lake?

Plants do not get as cold

What is the easy sentence of froze?

He froze in his steps just like a deer in the headlights. The water on the bird bath froze last night when the temperature dipped below 30F. I almost froze to death without my jacket. She froze in terror and then let out a scream that would curdle milk. It was so cold outside his tongue froze to the flagpole when they dared him to lick it.

Is Conroe Texas affected by any ocean currents?

Conroe, Texas is about forty miles from Houston, but it is inland. It is near lakes, but it is not directly near an ocean, so it is doubtful it would be affected by ocean currents.

What would happen if water froze at 31 degrees?

It would be ice

Why do ponds freeze from top to bottom instead of bottom up?

Ice is less dense than water so it floats on water. This is useful because it insulates the remainder of the water but also means that aquatic life will not die as they would if water froze upwards.