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Short for rhesus monkey

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Q: If you know your blood type you know about the RH factor But why is it called RH?
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What is the difference between negative and positive blood type A?

The Rhesus factor, also known as the Rh factor, is an antigen that exists on the surface of red blood cells. People who have the Rhesus factor are considered to have a positive blood type. Those who don't have the antigen are considered to have a negative blood type.

What is a blood factor and a type of ape?

Rhesus is a blood factor and a type of ape.

What is positive mean in blood?

Each of the four main blood types, A, B, AB, and O, may or may not have the Rh factor. If a blood type has the Rh factor it is called positive. If it doesn't, it's called negative.

What blood type is rh factor?

it defines if the blood type is positive(+) or negative(-).

Could type O mother and an A blood type father have an RH child?

type O and A is the type, you also have an Rh factor-either positive(meaning you have the factor) or negative(the Rh antigenis not present). All blood types can have a positive or negative rh factor so you need to know whether you and the father or RH positive or negative

Wanted to know the blood type rh negative?

rh negative is not a unique blood type. Rather, it means that the blood is missing the Rh factor that those with Rh positive blood. This is denotated by the word "positive" or "negative" that is said as part of the blood type, after the letter type, A, B, AB, or O.

What is the 2 kinds of blood?

If u are asking about the type of blood then it is of four types: A,B,O and AB with rhesus factor positive or negative. If ur aim is to know about the 2 products of blood that we use in laboratory analysis then they are called as serum(without fibrinogen) and plasma(with fibrinogen)

How can you know if a baby is not your son if your wife and you we have the same type of blood?

You have the same type of blood, but not the same DNA. That's why it's called a DNA test.

If someones blood cells have type A antigens what type of blood do they have?

People with type A blood can give blood to people with type A or type AB, but you do need to take the Rh factor into consideration. The Rh factor is what makes a person have type A+ or type A-, etc. There are also other types of very rare antigen in the blood that make up the other blood type which is beyong the scoop of discussion here.

Where does the positive and negative for blood come from?

Positive and negative indicate the presence or lack of the rh factor in the blood. A+ blood type, for example, indicates that the rh factor is present in that blood.

I have blood type A, and I know that somehow type A is different from the other types, but I would like to know what they are.?

If you have blood type a you can donate blood to other people who have type a blood and to people who have type ab blood. People with type a blood are said to have thicker blood than the other blood types.

Can a person with o blood type receive anything but o type blood?

The O blood type is known as the universal donor, but there is one catch the Rh factor, people who are O - (people who don't have the Rh factor) can donate to anyone, but if the person if O+, then they can donate to anyone who is Rh +, so yes there could be a problem depending on the Rh factor.