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Olfactory tracts

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Q: Impulses that stimulate the olfactory receptors are transmitted along the?
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What impulses are transmitted by the sense of smell?

The smell receptors are called olfactory nerves

Process of smelling?

So, we just learned this in anatomy. You breathe in an odogen. The odogen binds with protein receptors in the olfcatory cilium. A potential travels on an axon the olfactory receptor cells synapsing in the olfactory bulb. Then the filaments of the olfactory nerve synapses with mitral cells causing impulses to flow from the olfactory bulbvia the olfactory tracts.

What is the nerve for smell?

The olfactory nerves are cranial nerves( arise from the brain ). olfactory nerve is the first nerve among the all cranial nerves. olfactory nerves passes sense of smell through nerve impulses( chemical=neurotransmitters, and electrical signals ).

What cranial nerve carries smell impulses to the brain?

The olfactory nerve, also known as the first cranial nerve, transports impulses for sense of smell to the brain. The olfactory nerve is capable of regeneration.

Which nerve carries impulses from the cells that detect smells?

The olfactory nerve carries impulses from odor-detecting cells to the brain.

Impulses carried by the olfactory nerve are for the sense of?


What nerve carries impulses from the nose?

Olfactory Nerve

What does nerve impulses stimulate?


Smell impulses are carried by the cranial nerve called the?

The olfactory nerve, or 1st cranial nerve.

What receives stimuli and forms impulses?

Receptors or more precisely, sensory receptors.

What type of nerve conducts impulses to the olfactory bulbs?

Sensory neuron

How are nerve impulses initiated and transmitted?

Nerve impulses are initiated and transmitted according to nerve reactions and messages that get passed along or transmitted along nerve synapses and zones.