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Diffusion is not a substance. It is a physical process. Diffusion is the process where there is a movement of molecules from where they are abundant to where they are scarce. A more technical definition would be: Diffusion is a process in which molecules move from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration.

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Q: Is Diffusion made of small or large molecules?
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What are the simple sugars made up of?

Starches... Starches are large molecules made of small simple sugar molecules.

What are large molecules made up of small molecules called?

AnswerIt can be a peptide, if it is of medium size, and the biggest is a protein molecule. A large molecule made up of amino acids may also be an enzyme.

What are Channel and carrier proteins?

Channel proteins are on the plasma membrane, selectively transport the solutes such as ions, small and large proteins across the membrane. Carrier proteins also membrane proteins that allow diffusion of different molecules. Both proteins are chemically made up of amino acids.

What are large molecules made up of of smaller molecules called?


What are large molecules are made up of smaller molecules called?


What is the largest between a molecule and a atom?

Moelcules are made from atoms but a large atom is very many times the size of small molecules.

What are large organic compounds made mostly of carbon and hydrogen with a small amount of oxygen called?

Large organic molecules that are made up of carbon hydrogen oxygen nitrogen and phosphorus are nucleic acids.

Very large molecules that are made of a chain of many smaller molecules are called?


What are large organic molecules made from carbon?


Are Organic molecules are made from a small collection of simple precursors?

Organic molecules are molecules that have a carbon backbone.

A monomer is a single small molecule and a polymer is made of many small molecules How many small molecules are joined to form a dimer?


Giant organic molecule made of small molecules linked together?

No, it is one molecule.However some large organic molecules (i.e. polymers) are formed from small organic molecules (i.e. monomers) that bond together into long chains, forming one new large molecule. The small molecules no longer exist as individual molecules after bonding into the large molecule.