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Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is still too poorly understood for this to have a definitive answer. There has been a myriad of studies on the causation of SIDS, and many links have been found in both environmental and genetic factors, yet the results are still inconclusive.

In most cases, apnea is purely a mechanical suspension of breathing, meaning it isn't a disease that could be genetic or pathogen-borne.

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Q: Is SIDS or apnea genetic or inherited?
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Are SIDS and apnea related?

SIDS is not the same as apnea. Many people have apnea and apnea has killed infants. Infants with apnea can be resuscitated. An apnea monitor (AKA cot monitor) can detect when a SIDS victim stops breathing � but remember, a SIDS victim is already dead when that happens. Note: Infants with apnea usually are placed on apnea monitors for apnea, not to prevent the unpreventable. And many SIDS parents do use apnea monitors on subsequent children � this has mainly a placebo effect on the parents. No, they are not. You can revive a baby that has apnea if it is not too late. A SIDS baby you can't revive. SIDS is undetectable and you never know when it will hit. With apnea a baby can stop breathing and start again. SIDS is totally different.

Observation and research suggests that SIDS is most closely associated with what?

Sleep Apnea

If you had a child die from SIDS can your granddaughter have the same problem?

No, SIDS is not a heredity or genetic disease.

Is sleep apnea contagious?

No it is usually inherited

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