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Lets start off with the dangers of both Coal and nuclear power plants: A coal power plant pollutes a lot of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which is causing global warming and climate change. A Nuclear power plant can lead to a meltdown which can kill from radiation exposure, but does not pollute any CO2's. So in short a Nuclear power plant is 1% to 50% better than a coal power plant.

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Q: Is a coal power plant or nuclear power plant better?
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What kind of coal used in a steam generating plant?

Black coal will be used in steam generators.

When does plant matter accumulate to form coal or oil?

When it is under anaerobic conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages of steam power plant?

AdvantagesT-The fuel used is quite cheap.-Less initial cost as compared to other generating plants.-It can beinstalled at any place iirespective of the existence of coal. The coal can betransported to the site of the plant by rail or road.-It require less space as compared to Hydro power plants.-Cost of generation is less than that of diesel power plants.Disadvantages-It pollutes the atmosphere due to production of large amount of smoke and fumes.-It is costlier in running cost as compared to Hydro electric plants.

What is the importance of air to plants?

Power plantA means for converting stored energy into work. Stationary power plants such as electric generating stations are located near sources of stored energy, such as coal fields or river dams, or are located near the places where the work is to be performed, as in cities or industrial sites. Mobile power plants for transportation service are located in vehicles, as the gasoline engines in automobiles and diesel locomotives for railroads. Power plants range in capacity from a fraction of a horsepower(hp) to over 106 kwin a single unit. Large power plants are assembled, erected, and constructed on location from equipment and systems made by different manufacturers. Smaller units are produced in manufacturing facilities.Most power plants convert part of the stored raw energy of fossil fuels into kinetic energy of a spinning shaft. Some power plants harnessnuclear energy. Elevated water supply or run-of-the-river energy is used in hydroelectricityplants. For transportation, the plant may produce a propulsive jet, as in some aircraft, instead of the rotary motion of a shaft. Other sources of energy, such as fuel cells, winds, tides, waves, geothermal, ocean thermal, nuclear fusion, photovoltaics, and solar thermal, have been of negligiblecommercial significance in the generation of power despite their magnitudes. See also energy-sources-of. Do power plants make their own power? Yes, in a power plant a proportion of the generator output is fed back into the plant to run auxiliaries, before the bulk output is transformed up to the high voltage of the main transmission lines. In a nuclear plant some backup power is essential in the event of losing the connection to the outside completely, and this is provided by diesels with their own generators. What are some geothermal power plants in the Philippines?Some of the geothermal fields in the Philippines are:Bacman Geothermal Field in SorsogonDauin Geothermal in Dauin, Negros OrientalTiwi Geothermal Power PlantMakBan Geothermal Power PlantNorthern Negros Geothermal Power Plant in Bago City, Negros OccidentalTongonan Geothermal Power Plant in Leyte. What is a geothermal power plant?A geo thermal power plant uses the heat provided deep below the earths surface combined with water to create super heated steam, which then powers a turbine to produce electricity. HANNAHLYN

What is exhaustible energy?

Exhaustible energy sources include all kinds of nonrenewable types of energy generation, such as coal, oil, nuclear or natural gas

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Compare and contrast coal and nuclear power plant?

coal is black nuclear is purple

Nuclear power plant and coal whats the difference?

In a power plant the steam turbine/generator is very similar whether coal or nuclear fuelled. Both methods produce steam to drive the turbine. In a nuclear plant the heat source is the nuclear reactor, in a coal plant it is the coal burning furnace

What is an advantage of nuclear power plants over coal power plant?

Coal Power plants are cheaper to build.

What is advantage of coal power plants over nuclear power plant?

Coal Power plants are cheaper to build.

Does nuclear power pollute?

Not really. You receive 100 times as much radiation from coal power plant pollution than you do from nuclear power plant leaks.

Is A Coal Power Station Better Than A Nuclear Power Station?

yes a coal is nature nuclear uses lots of power Process for production of power from coal is very inefficient , More over it produces lot of carbon dioxide in to atmosphere (harmful green house gas). While Process for production of power from Nuclear plant is very good when compared with coal power. But initial and maintenance cost is very high. Unit cost for coal power is more economical than nuclear power. So economically coal power station is better. But on the basis of efficiency Nuclear power stations are good. When the deaths caused by the two types of mining are considered, coal fired systems have a much higher overall death rate. But the coal mining industry is improving this.

What are the kind of power plant?

Coal fired, Nuclear Power, Gas Fired, Hydro, Wind Power.

If the nuclear power plant in palatka Florida exploded will it reach Ocala Florida?

According to Wikipedia's sources, the power plant in Palatka, Seminole Generating Station, is a coal burning power plant. It only appears to be nuclear because of the cooling towers that are iconic of nuclear power plants but can be used coal fired power plants. I would have to imagine that the blast from a coal power plant, if exploded, would not travel the 40 or so miles to Ocala.

What waste problems of nuclear power plants is NOT a problem with a coal burning power plant?

fear of the waste.

Is coal a nonrenewable nuclear power source?

Cola is a renewable thermal fuel power source. It is not radioactive in the sense of nuclear plant fuel.

Are the environmental effects of nuclear power station worse than coal fired power stations?

Depends. The waste produced by nuclear power stations takes millions of years to degrade, but there is not much of it and if properly stored it can be well managed. A nuclear plant produces very little CO2. However, a coal plant is massively inefficient (only aabout 20% of the energy from the coal goes towards electricity) and produces tonnes of greenhouse gases including CO2. In terms of climate change, nuclear power is a far better option than coal-fired.

Which is a waste problem of nuclear power that does not occur with coal-burning power plants?

The only waste from a nuclear power plant is spent fuel rods, which can be reprocessed. The waste from a coal fired plant is carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury, ash, and soot.

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