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because coal power plants use coal and nuclear power plants use nuclear energy to make electricity!!

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Q: What is the difference between coal power plants and nuclear power plants?
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What is the difference between nuclear energy and nuclear power?

The same difference as between energy and power. Power = energy / time.

What is the difference between a nuclear power station and coal fired power station?

The difference is in the name; nuclear power plants produce electricity via a nuclear reaction producing head to turn a turbine, whereas coal fired power plants burn coal to produce the same efffect.

Compare a power plant that burns fossil fuels with a nuclear power plant?

Power plants that burn fossil fuels and nuclear power plants are very similar in their manner of creating steam. The main difference between the two types of power plants are that fossil fuel plants emit more pollution.

What is nuclear energy and what is nuclear power?

The same difference as between energy and power. Power = energy / time.

How are nuclear power plants?

by nuclear power ¬.¬

What do nuclear power plants have to do with nuclear energy?

Nuclear power plants produce electricity by using nuclear energy

What are the application of nuclear fission?

1. Nuclear power plants 2. Nuclear weaponsNuclear power plants

Are Nuclear Power Plants Emissions Free?

No, Nuclear Power Plants Have Emissions of CO2.

How many nuclear power plants are there in Indiana?

There are no nuclear power plants in Indiana, USA.

How many nuclear power plants are in Japan?

There are 55 nuclear power plants in Japan.

Are there nuclear power plants in New Mexico?

No. There are no nuclear power plants in New Mexico.

Why doesn't Britain have any nuclear power plants?

Britain does have nuclear power plants.

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