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You need to ask your physician

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Q: Is a hernia operation really necessary?
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After a hernia operation can i have kids?

After having a hernia operation you cannot have children. You could think about having some before hand or adopting.

How do you know when a hernia needs surgery?

You know by visiting a doctor. He will tell you if your hernia requires operation.

How does you clean a bellybutton which is leaking after a hernia operation?

Should it really be leaking ....if not plater visit a doctor who will supply you with a cork to plug the leak

Can i play cricket after hernia operation?

yes, its possible after recovery from hernia in 6 weeks. No problem, go for it.

Does Medicaid pay for a hernia operation?

If it's deemed medically necessary by your dr then. most of the time they will put through a pre-authorization. This will allow you to have the surgery with an in-network surgeon.

How soon can you fly after a hernia operation?

Right afterwards but be careful.

Is it normal to have swelling around the waist after hernia operation?

It is normal to have swelling soon after a hernia operation or any other surgery. It's also normal to experience pain and bruising after surgery.

If a person has a bullet inside his abdominal area and would like it removed after his surgery heals but needs an hernia operation could he still have it removed after the operation?

If a person has a bullet inside his abdominal area and wants it removed after his hernia operation, it is up to the doctor to decide if it can be safely removed after the operation.

What is mesh hernioplasty?

a surgical operation used to manage inguinal hernia

I had a hernia operation before puberty will this impact your sperm count or effect me and my girlfriend having a child?

Sorry about the hernia, but it should not effect those.

Are there more complications from using mesh to repair an inguinal hernia than the open method?

No you must use the mesh if you are undergoing a hernia operation, otherwise there is alw3ays a chance of it coming again, and you will have to undergo another operation.

Do you have to spend time in a rehab center after hernia surgery?

Spending time in a rehab center after hernia surgery is not completely necessary. However, it is possible that this would be necessary if a person is not recovering well.