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Q: Is the ability to taste phenylthiocarbamide PTC inherited?
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Is the ability to taste PTC paper determined by a dominant gene?

Yes - the PTC tasting allele is dominant over the non-tasting one.

How can two people who can both taste PTC can have children who cannot taste the chemical?

you cannot have children that can not taste PTC if both of the parents can both taste PTC because of the genotype , so therefor the children can taste PTC

What are the possible genotypes of a man who can taste PTC?

PTC is genetically controlled. It is a simple truth that is governed by alleles. However, in order to taste PTC the man must possess at least one dominate allele. So a person with the genotype of Tt or TT can taste PTC.

A homozygous male that can taste PTC marries a female who can't taste PTC What is the genotype of the male?

I'm asking the same question...

Can two parents who can taste ptc have a child who can't?


What does the initials PTC mean in biology?

Probably an acronym for Phenyl Thio Carbamide. It's a chemical used in a genetic taste test. Some humans can taste it, some cannot. The ability to taste it is a genetically passed on trait. It has been used in countless genetic experiments.

What is the market cap for PTC Inc PTC?

As of July 2014, the market cap for PTC Inc. (PTC) is $4,464,804,555.68.

Why was untreated paper used in the PTC taste test?

The untreated paper was used so that you will taste nothing but when they give you the treated paper you will know whether you are a taster or not..

What is the symbol for PTC Inc in NASDAQ?

The symbol for PTC Inc. in NASDAQ is: PTC.

What does PTC mean in legal terms?


When was PTC Alliance created?

PTC Alliance was created in 1924.

When was PTC Punjabi - Canada - created?

PTC Punjabi - Canada - was created in 2011.

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