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The term 'hypogastric region' describes an area in the body of a human being that falls under his abdomen and the exact area that the term describes is under the umbilicus. The 'epigastric region' is located below the navel.

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Q: Is the hypogastric region located below the navel?
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What is hypogastrium?

The hypogastrium (alternative names including hypogastric region, pubic region and suprapubic region) is an area of the human abdomen located below the navel. The pubis bone constitutes its lower limit.

What are the regions of the abdomen that are located to the left and right of the hypogastric region.?

The right and left lumbar regions are located adjacent to the umbilical region.

What regions of the abdomen is the navel located?

navel=depression in front of belly left by the remains of the umbilical cord-commonly known as your belly button. Naval=to do with ships/navy >> The Umbilical Region :)

The epigastric region is located superior to the umbilical region?

The epigastric region is superior to the umbilical region.

What is an umbilical region?

The middle region of the abdomen centered around the navel.

The region that contains the navel is the?

abdomen umbilical

Is appendix below your navel?


Where is omphalo located?

the navel

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If you want to wear a regular navel ring in your inverse piercing, turn the navel ring upside-down, so that the larger gem is in the navel, and the smaller gem is below.

What is the medical term for middle abdominopelvic region?

The middle abdominopelvic region in the nine-region scheme is the umbilical region. Umbilical means related to the navel.

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