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The root cap contains the maximum number of dictyosomes. This is the case since it helps in covering the root tip that experiences growth.

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Q: Maximum dictyosomes are found in root cap or root tip?
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What is the function of the root cap-?

A root cap is a small cone of cells that protects the growing part of a root as it makes its way through the soil, the root cap is found covering the tip of a root. Right behind the root cap is the part of the root where most of the root's growth occurs.

What is apical cap?

The root apex is provided with a protective covering, it is apical cap or root cap

What is the functions of the root cap in the plant?

The root cap protects the root from injury from rocks as the root grows through the soil.

Whbat is the function of the root cap?

The function of the root cap is to protect and cover the growing tip of the root.

What meristem does the root cap originates?

The root cap originates from the apical meristem in the plant. The root cap is directly responsible for gravity perception in the plant.

What is the function of the root cap epidermis and root hair?

Root cap epidermis's function is protection while that of root hair is absorption .

What could be the function of the rootcap which is made up of parenchyma cells found at the root tip?

The root-cap performs the basic function of protecting the root tip. The root tip is the apex of the root and is very thin and delicate. It can get injury while going deep in the soil. Here the root cap, as a covering, protects the root tip and helps it to penetrate into the soil layer.

What does root cap do?

The root word cap means to take or seize. This is shown in capable.

What does the root cap do?

The root word cap means to take or seize. This is shown in capable.

What is different between a root cap and a taproot?

tap root develops from radicle of the embryo and every root apex is provided with root cap

What covers the tip of the root?

Root cap

What is the layer of tough protective cells that protects the delicate root tip as the root pushes its way through the hard ground?