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Q: Nitrogen makes up a significant part of which class of biological compounds?
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What important biological molecules contain nitrogen?

Proteins are probably the largest class of biological molecules that always contain nitrogen.

What class of biological compounds do proteins belong to?

They are things that are in compounds like hydrogens and carbons

What class of compounds contains only carbon hydrogen and nitrogen?

These compounds are called amines.

What class of organic compounds has molecules that contain nitrogen atoms?


Need a topic for 12th class chemistry report?

chromatography or nitrogen containing compounds.....

What is an azamine?

An azamine is another name for an isodiazene, any of a specific class of organic nitrogen compounds related to carbenes.

Class of organic compounds derived from ammonia?

The class of organic compounds most similar to ammonia would be the amines, in which the H-N bond of ammonia is replaced by a C-N bond. If there is one carbon bonded to the nitrogen the compound is a primary amine; two bonded carbons makes the compound a secondary amine and three carbons bonded to a nitrogen make a tertiary amine. It is possible to have four carbons bonded to a nitrogen, but the compound then must take on a positive charge due to nitrogen's valence.

RNH2 stands for class of compounds called?

RNH2 stands for class of compounds called

What class is nitrogen in?

The class at the end of the hall

What class of biological molecules contains fatty acids?

The class of biological molecule that contains fatty acids is lipids.

What class of compounds is composed of atoms not ions?

These are the covalent compounds.

What does nicotine contain?

Its chemical formula is C10H14N2 i.e. it contains carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. It's an alkaloid, a loose class of natural (usually plant-derived) compounds containing nitrogen. Other alkaloids include cocaine, morphine and caffeine.

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