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Q: Phagocytic cells would be expected to have a large number of what in the cytosol?
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How would you explain the function of phagocytic cells to a patient with a bacterial infectinos?

Phagocytic cells ingest and destroy the bacteria. Phagocytic cells ingest and destroy the bacteria.

What are the phagocytic cells in skeletal tissue called?

Osteoclasts are phagocytic and are derived from monocytes and not from the same line as the other bone cells.

Large phagocytic white cells that spend most of their time outside the blood as fixed and free phagocytic cells?


What are phagocytic blood cells?


What cells are phagocytic?

white blood cells affected are phagocytic cells. They are part of the non-specific immune system and move via the blood to all parts of the body where they ingest and destroy microbes. Phagocytic cells are the first line of defense against microorganisms

Reticuloendothelial tissue is composed of cells that are?


Reticuloendothelial tissue is composed of cells that are what?


Connective tissue cells that are phagocytic?


Phagocytic cells that occupy the epidermis are called?

The epidermis contains phagocytic cells called DENDRITIC CELLS. The slender, fingerlike processes of dendritic cells extend among the surrounding cells, forming an almost continuous network to intercept invaders.

What White Blood Cells are never phagocytic?


What are kueffer cell?

They are found in liver.They are phagocytic cells.

Which cell would be best for studying mitochondria?

Well, the muscle cell contains the most mitochondria... so I personally would go with that