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Biologists separate bacteria into two groups based on their reaction with the gram stain as Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria.

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rRNA sequences

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Cell wall factors

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Q: The major criteria used in placing bacteria into different groups is based on differences in?
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What is the basis for placing the fungi into different phyla?

Fungi are currently placed into different phyla based on their from of sexual reproduction. Currently seven different phyla have been proposed including: * Chytridiomycota * Blastocladiomycota * Neocallimastiogomycota * Zygomycota * Glomeromcota * Ascomycota * Basidiomycota Reproduction modes and structures

How does a smear preparation of cells from a liquid medium differ from preparation of cells from a solid medium?

In liquid medium one starts by placing one or two loopfuls of the liquid medium directly on the slide. From solid media such as nutrient agar. One starts by placing one or two loopfuls of water on the slide and then using an inoculation loop to disperse the organisms in the water. Bacteria growing on solkid media tend to cling to each other and mus be dispensed suficiently by dilutiion in water.

What is the definition of classification of organisms?

there is a wide range of organisms around is not possible to study each organism indiavidually so we create groups on the basis of similarities and differences between these organisms. also; classification includes identification,nomenclature or naming the organisms and placing into groups. scientifically, we call classification of organisms as taxonomy. Basically,you can say that Classification is the method of grouping organisms together on the basis of differences and similarities between them . creating groups makes study of organisms easier

What happens when placing organisms at 4 degrees celsius?


What is the placing of information or obects into groups based on certain similarities?


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Why is it necessary to cool the hot inoculating loop before placing it on the nutrient plate?

If it is too hot you may kill the bacteria/organism(s) you are trying to grow.

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