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Q: The nuclear membrane disintegrates during prophase true or false?
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The nuclear envelope disintegrates during .?

Cellular Division.

In which phase do moving the pairs of centrioles to opposite poles?

The centrioles move toward opposite poles during prophase. During prophase the nuclear membrane disintegrates. Spindle fibers appear during the prophase.

What phase in the cell cycle dissolves the nuclear membrane?

The Nuclear membrane dissolves during prophase

What is the phase in mitosis where the nuclear membrane disappears?

"scientist have not discovered WHY it happens"It does not matter if scientists have discovered it or not, but the nuclear membrane disappears during PROPHASEHope this helped!!!

What happens to cell membranes during cell division?

During prophase the nuclear membrane disintegrates. The metaphase through anaphase the molecules are not formed as membranes. During telophase it reintegrates and in interphase it is present as normal.

When in the cell cycle does the nuclear membrane begin to fade?

In mitosis the nuclear envelope begins to break in prophase. In meiosis the nuclear envelope begins to break in prophase 1.

When does the nuclear membrane and nucleolus reappear?

The nuclear membrane disappears during prophase of mitosis and reappears during telephase

Besides the nucleus what else is broken down during prophase?

Nuclear membrane and nucleolus

What two structures disappear during prophase?

During prophase, the nuclear membrane and the nucleolus dissolve and disappear.

What phase does the nuclear membrane fade?

The nuclear membrane fades during the prophase of mitosis or meiosis. This is the stage when the membrane begins to break down and disappear, allowing the chromosomes to become more condensed and accessible for cell division.

When does the nuclear envelope form?

The nuclear envelope is the nuclear membrane.

What stage mitosis is it when chromosomes shorten and thicken and the nuclear membrane begins to disappear?

In prophase stage, the replicated chromosomes condense and the nuclear envelope disappears. Earlier in prophase, chromatin visible condenses into the chromosomes.