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Covalent Bonds

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The hydrogen-oxygen covalent bond.

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Q: The prevalent chemical bond present in the human body is?
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What is the most prevalent metal in human body?

Calcium is the most prevalent in the human body.

The most abundant chemical substance in the human body?

The most abundant chemical substance in the human body is water. There are a lot of H2O molecules throughout the human body.

Is the any natural power is present in human body?

There are no superhuman or supernatural powers present in your body.

What is the energy in a human body?

Energy is stored as chemical energy in human body. It is consumed when required.

How many sorts of cartilage are present in the human skeleton?

There are 3 type of cartilage present in the human body

Where do the chromosomes present in the human body?

in DNA .....

In human body which gas are present?


Why is the sum of all chemical reaction in the human body known as metabolism?

The sum of the chemical processes in the human body, or in any living body for that matter, is called "metabolism".

How are people made of gas?

The human body contains many chemical elements, including hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, which in their pure form are gases (at normal temperature and pressure). However, these elements are present in the human body in the form of compounds which are either solid or liquid; no part of the human body is actually made of gas.

Is a human body chemical of mechanical?

The human body contain ten of thousands of chemical substances. But every living being act also as a mechanical installation.

Where are enzymes contained in the human body?

Enzymes are present throughout the body.

In what part of your body are ventricles?

Ventricles are present in the heart of the human body.