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A Reflex

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Q: The simplest pathway of an impulse is?
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What is the name of the short pathway that carries the impulse for an automatic response?

The short pathway that carries the impulse for an automatic response is called a reflex arc.

What is the pathway of impulse conduction?

I'm pretty sure it is the dendrite.

What is visual pathway?

The visual pathway is the pathway taken by a nerve impulse triggered by lightas it travels from the retina to the visual cortex, in the occipital lobe of the brain. An impulse originating on the nasal side crosses to oposite side in the brain. An impulse arising from the temporal side goes to the same side in the brain.

What pathway does a nerve impulse follow after initiated into a receptor?

nerve my a$$ nerve

What is the correct path travel for an impulse from the receptor to the effector in a reflex action?

an impulse follows a path called as reflex arch pathway.

Along a neuron the correct pathway for impulse conduction is?

dendrite, cell body, and axon.

What is the correct pathway for impulse condunction of a neuron?

It is heat transfer by the collision of atoms within our atmosphere.

What is the simplest nerve pathway called?

it is the refelx arc

How an impulse can continue to travel along a nerve pathway when there's a gap between two neurons?

Nerve pathways are slim, however neurones are small in size therefore the total amount of atoms in the impulse is enough to fit through a gap in the pathway of neurons

What is the pathway of the electrical impulse of the heartbeat starting with the sinoatrial node?

The cues for the timing of the heartbeat comes from the electrical pathways

Pathway of the sensory impulse?

from the sensory neuron, the impulse goes to an interneuron than through chemicals flowing in the synapse it goes to a motor neuron which makes the muscles needed to react move..

If you accidentally step on a tack with your bare foot the pathway that the nerve impulse takes from your foot to your leg is called?

reflex arc.

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