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When your body grows, your muscle cells reproduce. Also when you are hurt or something your body will try to fix the wound and reproduce more muscle cells

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Q: Under what condition are muscle cells produces?
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Fermentation in muscle cells produces?

Fermentation in muscle cells produces lactic acid. This happens when you have overworked your muscles, which can happen during exercise.

One type of fermentation in muscle cells produces?

Lactic Acid

What stem cell only produces muscle cells?


What kind of stem cell produces only muscle cells?


What certain stem cell produces only muscle cells?


Why di muscle cells have many mitochondria?

Muscle requires a lot of ATP , mitochondria produces ATP

What is a condition by the death of heart muscle cells?

heart attack

How do muscle cells use energy?

Since the mitochondria produces energy and the muscle cells are part of the mitochondria, they use the energy so they can move the joints.

When anaerobic respiration occurs in muscle cells it produces?

lactic acid and energy

Why are mitosis and meiosis different?

Because mitosis is the splitting of two cells that are not sex cells, nerve cells, or muscle cells and meiosis is the splitting of sex cells. Meiosis produces four cells, but mitosis produces two cells.

What are some differences between epithelial cells and muscle cells?

One difference between epithelial cells and muscle cells is their location in the human body. Epithelial cells are skin cells on the outside of the body. Muscle cells are located in the muscle under the skin.

What produces the striations of a skeletal muscle cells?

Skeletal muscle is one of the three types of muscle and it is a structure of a striated muscle tissue. The muscle is made up of myocytes or muscle fibers.

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