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Q: Viruses frequently infect bacteria and insert new genes into the genetic material of the bacteria When these infected bacteria reproduce asexually which genes would most likely be passed on?
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Do viruses reproduce asexually or sexually?

Viruses reproduce within a cell. They reproduce asexually. The Ebola virus reproduces asexually. However, sometimes a cell is infected by two different viruses at the same time. Part or parts of one virus can get into another virus. So while the reproduction is not really sexual, it does involve parts from two different viruses. The Ebola virus could change by adding parts from another virus.

What do you think will happen if animals can reproduce asexually?

Some can. Generally the reproduce faster - until they use up their environment (or get infected) and then they die off.

Why might an open cut become infected within hours?

Most bacteria reproduce very rapidly

What bacteria causes spinal meningitis?

Older children are more frequently infected by the bacteria Haemophilus influenzae, Neisseria meningitidis, and Streptococci pneumoniae.

How are blood cells damaged?

well its simple. t36 granulocytes are damaged by the invasion of the HIV virus, which makes use of this host's apparatus to reproduce asexually, and after all this has been done then the infected cell will burst. red blood cells are damaged by Protoctista (plasmodium) where by they are infected and eventually burst

What forms when a hair follicle becomes infected with bacteria?

When a hair follicle becomes infected with bacteria it becomes irritated. When a hair follicle becomes infected it might fall out.

How do ticks get infected with the Lyme disease bacteria?

Ticks are infected when their host is infected. The infected ticks then spread the disease to humans.

What was found in the infected bacteria?


Do bacteria cause animal infections?

Yes, animals can be infected by bacteria.

Do virus replicate?

It can reproduce if it infected a host cell!

Which food can be easily become infected by bacteria?


What does it mean becoming septic?

An example is, if a wound becomes septic, it has become infected.