What are functions of protiens?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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  • Enzymatic protiens: selective acceleration of chamical reactions
  • Structural protiens: support
  • Storage protiens: storage of amino acids
  • transprot Protiens: transport of other substances
  • Hormonal Protiens: Coordination of an organism's activities
  • Receptor protiens; Response of cell to chemical stimuli
  • Contractile and motor Protiens: Movement
  • Defensive protiens: Protection against disease
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the protein main job is to keep the cell alive

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protains help in replacement of dead cells in the human body.

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Q: What are functions of protiens?
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What functions as factories to produce protiens?

ribosomes, i have the same work sheet

Functions of protiens?

The major function of protein is to Gard against invasion.

What digestive function does the liver perform?

Explain the digestive functions of the liver?

What is made by joining animo acid subunits in long chains which provide a wide variety of functions in cells?


The Golgi body functions to package what type of molecule within a cell?

the Golgi Body is responsible for packaging substances for the cell.

What are made of amino acids and have a variety of functions in the body?

Protiens are made of amino acids, and they perform all kinds of funtions in cells and in the body.

Are proteins the most diverse class of macromolecules?

Yes, protiens perform many functions; this diversity of function is made possible by the diversity of protein structures.

What are sodium hydroxide and copper sulfate used to test for?


What can help your pancreas?

protiens help the pancreas because the protiens are also combined with nutrieans

Protiens are made by joining what?

Protiens are made of amino acids bonded together in polypeptide bonds.

Protiens are synthesized in?


What is a monomer for protiens?

Amino acid.