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The 'ulnar' articulates on the 'humerus'. The 'radiu's also articulates in the 'humerus'.

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humerus and ulna articulate to form the elbow joint in the olecranon fossa

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The humeroulnar joint, the humeroradial joint and the proximal radioulna joint.

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they make it move so you can stretch

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Q: What are the articulating bones in the shoulder?
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What is the articulation of 2 or more bones called?

A joint

What is the name of two kind of joints?

There are primarily three kinds of joints:FIBROUS = articulating bones are held closely together by fibrous connective tissueCARTILAGINOUS = articulating bones are held closely together by cartilageSYNOVIAL = joint where there a space between the articulating bones which is filled with synovial fluid

A meniscus functions to cushion articulating surfaces of bones.?


What is the use of cartilage in your bodies?

To cushion and protect the articulating surfaces of bones.

What are joints made out of?

The articulating bones Tendons, ligaments Cartilage

How many bones are in the shoulder?

there are 4 bones in the shoulder

The thin layer of hyaline cartilage on articulating surfaces of bones is called what?

articular cartilage

Where are the girdle bones located and what are they?

they are your pelvick, ans shoulder bones. they are your pelvis and in your shoulder.

Flexion and extension of the body?

flexion decreases in angle between articulating bones extension increases in angle between articulation bones

How many bones in shoulder bones?

The human shoulder is a joint consisting of bones, muscles, and ligaments. The two shoulders are located beneath the head connecting the arm and the chest. Each shoulder consists of 2 bones, the clavicle and the scapula, and collectively both shoulders account for 4 bones in the body.

What tissue that covers the articulating surface of a bone?

Actually it's cartilages and the synovial fluid which makes the joint movements smooth.....

Does cracking your knuckles damage the articulating ends of bones?

yes it does. it could cause cancer in your fingers.