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characteristics of living things: 11th grade science book

  • organization
  • response
  • reproduction
  • growth
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Response, growth, reproduction, and organization. The other answer from the other person is not helpful, I apologise.

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Q: What are the four characteristics of living things?
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What is the characteristics of non living things?

what are the characteristics of non living things

Why do living things respond?

Living things respond because the normal life form has four main characteristics. Characteristics:-respond-reproduce-grow and develop-made of one or more cellsWithout responding it is no longer called a living thing.

Do all living things share common characteristics?

Living things share all of the following characteristics except _____.

Are euglenas living things?

They feed and they reproduce these are characteristics of living things

What are the four characteristics common to all living things?

Characteristics of life/ living things: 1. DNA 2. Can sense and respond to change 3. Reprodudtion 4. Metabolism (a way to take energy from surroundings)

What characteristics of living things can also be observed in non living things?


Four main characteristics used to identify oak trees or hummingbirds as living things?

reproduceing,Eating,breathing and growing

The different life process and the characteristics of living things?

all living things have common traits,irrespective of plants and animals.scroll down to know these common characteristics of living things

How does Amoeba meet at least 5 of the characteristics of living things?

what are five living characteristics of amoeba?\

Do some non living things have characteristics of living things?

no otherwise it would be considered living

What are four characteristics all living things posses?

They must be capable of responding to stimuli, reproducing, growing/developing, and maintaining homeostasis.

What has no characteristics of life?

non living things