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The collective name for the petals of a flower is the corolla.

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sepals = plural, sepal = singular. There is no collective noun for sepals.

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a group of sepals is called calyx. corolla is collective name for petals.

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Q: What are the petals of a flower called collectively?
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What word means the outer leaf of a flower?

if you mean the green leaf-like structure below the petals, it is what you called SEPALS... Collectively, they are called CALYX...

These protect a flower before it opens?

The part of the flower that protects it before it opens is preferably called a sepal.

What do the flower petals form?

Together, the petals of a flower are called a corolla. Also, the sepals as a group are called the calyx, and the corolla and the calyx together are called the perianth.

A flower that has sepals petals stamens pistils is called a?

Complete flower

If a flower has no petals what would it properly be called?


How many sepals are there in papaya flower?

a sepal is the outermost part of a flower and is predominately green and can be free or fused. Sepals are the green leaves that are basal to the flower petals. collectively the sepals make up the calyx.

How many petals a euphorbia flower has?

Euphorbia flower does not have petals.

What is a colourful part of a plant?

In most plants, this would be the flower; specifically, the petals.

What is the oil from flower petals called?

I think it's called essential oil.

Name the sterile leaves of a flower?

The sterile leaves of the flower are the sepals and the petals.

What is the brightly colored parts of a flower called?

Usually the petals are the colorfal/attractive part of a flower.

Where were the petals and stamens of the tomato flower attached?

The stamen of a tomato flower is located inside the petals. The petals of the tomato flower are attached to the pedicel, or stem.