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Depends... are they always red? usually red? sometimes red? Red eyes can be caused by Allergies. In this case, they will be red all the time for a period of time, such as 3 weeks every April, they're red (because a flower that you're allergic to bloomed). If they are red when you read, it may be from Irlen Syndrome. Read about this at

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Q: What causes extremely red eyes?
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Why do eyes get red after smoking?

Marijuana (THC) causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. High blood pressure causes red eyes.

What causes your eyes to go red?

It could be allergies, dry eyes, or pink eyes Too much beer.JN

Adderall red eyes?

Yes Adderrall can cause red eyes. My eyes look bloodshot and I hate it! They say it's because in addition to dry mouth, it causes dry eyes which causes the redness... I mean eyes don't feel dry though. But I believe it because my eyes are soo red and it's embarrassing and I hate it!

What causes the condition of red eyes in humans that are scratchy and sensitive?

Red eyes can be caused by either being albino (in this case the iris appears red due to lack of coloured pigments), or the eye can be red due to the common condition of Pink Eye, which out of the two will make eyes feel scratchy and sensitive while also being extremely contagious. In some cases, the eyes can be fused shut from hardened 'eye dirt' which needs to be removed.

What causes red eyes in pictures?

when a camera flash is pointed directly into your eyes, the light travels through your pupils. the camera actually takes a picture of the insides of your eyes. there are so many blood vessels in your eyes the camera sees red.

Why do black African people have red eyes?

It probably because of the environment. And the sun back in Africa is so harsh that it causes dryness to the eyes..

Does stress or lack of sleep cause red eyes?

I belive that stress causes lack of sleep and lack of sleep causes red eyes . and to much stress can and will caused blister looking bumps on skin that will burn.. and they wont go away until they are ready to.

Why do you need to stay in a dark room if you have measles?

The red measles causes red and sensitive eyes so a darkened room is more comfortable.

What causes a dark-skinned person to have vividly red brown eyes?

Genetic diversity, this comes from your parents and means that you could have any coloured eyes

Your shih tzu eyes are red rimmed what causes this?

probably infection, this should be looked at by a vet a.s.a.p.

All the versions of red eyes b dragon?

Red Eyes B. Dragon Red Eyes Metal Dragon Red Eyes Darkness Dragon Red Eyes B. Chick Red Eyes Zombie Dragon Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Red Eyes Wyvern there may be more.

Can mink be white with pink eyes?

AnswerThat would be an albino. Extremely rare in nature, but in a farmed settingwith selective breeding, it would be readily , albinos have red eyes

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