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what causes you to have pain below your left hip

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Q: What causes you to have pain below your left hip it feels like a dull pain?
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What causes Dull pain to the left of the belly button?

What causes pain in upper left side of the belly

What causes Dull achy pain in left calf?

Left leg use.... I think.

What causes a heavy shooting dull pain in left arm from neck to elbow?

It could be a heart attack.

Ok so I have a dull pain in the lower left side of my head It feels like it's in my brain ya I actually know it is I am not stupid The pain will enter and leave at random times Any diagnostics?

If you have dull pain in the lower left side of your head, and it feels like it is in your brain, this could be a tension headache. If the pain enters and leaves, it may also be a torn muscle, or something equally as minor. See a doctor for confirmation and testing.

What causes dull pain in the left arm from the shoulder to the wrist that feels a little like the arm is asleep in the upper arm area?

You did not state your age or physical condition. The cause could be anything from muscle spasms to a heart attack. If they do not abate soon, if they increase, or if they return, please contact a physician immediately.

What are the causes of a dull left flank pain that is intermittent This pain has been persistent for about a month The pain is not stabbing but dull and uncomfortable in nature Any suggestions?

I am not a doctor. A month is a long time for the pain. I would suggest that you see a doctor to find out what is going on.

What causes dull pain on the lower left front side groin area of the abdomen?

There are a number of things that can cause this. My first guess would be a hernia. Better get it checked out.

What causes a dull pain in your left groin?

Could be a pulled muscle (if the pain is in the thigh) or a hernia (if the pain is in the pubic region). Also could be an infection. Go to the doctor.

When was This Left Feels Right created?

This Left Feels Right was created on 2003-11-04.

What causes dull pain in left leg?

There are so many possible causes for a dull ache in either leg, it would be hard to name them all. If it continues, a doctor should be consulted. It may only be a muscle spasm, but since there are so many possibilities, its best to have a doctor check and be sure it isn't anything more serious.

Why do you a dull pain in left side ribs?

It''s a cramp

Does the fluttering feelings feels the same way and in the bottom left of the tummy is that correct or it vary?

it could very but the bottom left is pretty acurate where the adreneline gland is which causes the fluttery feeling

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