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You did not state your age or physical condition. The cause could be anything from muscle spasms to a heart attack. If they do not abate soon, if they increase, or if they return, please contact a physician immediately.

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Lump on your shoulder that feels like muscle?

A lump on your shoulder that feels like muscle may be a muscle knot. This might be as a result of strain or injury to the shoulder muscle.

Your head feels like it is falling asleep?

My head feels like it falls asleep. It gets a warm, tingling feeling that lasts a few minutes and then goes away My head feels like it falls asleep. It gets a warm, tingling feeling that lasts a few minutes and then goes away My head feels like it falls asleep. It gets a warm, tingling feeling that lasts a few minutes and then goes away

Why do you get dropped heartbeat only when falling asleep?

cause it feels like it

How did I fall asleep without knowing?

It happens when you fall asleep, But you are fully aware of your surroundings, Sensitive to light, Sounds and what not. It feels as if your asleep, But you are somewhat paralised from moving, But when you emerge from this, You are semi refreshed.

Bone sticking out of the top of your right shoulder?

i pitched in baseball for a couple of years, and my shoulder does the same thing. On my right shoulder, the bone feels loose, but there is no pain.

When something has very little of this energy it feels what?

tired is how you feels

Is it ok if your rabbit falls sleep on you?

Yes. If it falls asleep while you are holding it then it feels very safe with you.

Does it hurt to get your stomach pumped?

Heck yeah! it feels like your scrotum is falling off.Not if you're "asleep".

What do you think death feels like?

Probably a gradual loss of sensation, something like falling asleep.

What could a raised scratchlike line be on the back of your shoulder that does not itch but feels like a scratch?

A scratch?

What causes the feeling when you are electrically shocked?

It is the electricity rushing through the line, and when there is an area that is not insulated by rubber, if you touch it, it will shock you. It feels like a moment where you are 'zapped out' you cant breathe and you shake a little, it happened to me, only a little.

What is a shoulder rest for a violin?

It is something you put between the violin and your shoulder (hence the name) to make it more comfortable to play. It also helps your posture while you are playing. Most professionals highly recommend the use of a shoulder rest. It can also help prevent back injuries. It feels a little weird playing with it at first, however, as you play with a shoulder rest it becomes quite comfy and it becoms quite hard to play without one.

The patient has one shoulder that droops?

I have the same problem. For me, it is the result of scoliosis. When it happens, I feel pain around my neck and shoulder area and then visit the chiropractor. After that it feels so much better.

What are the lyrics to Shoulder to Shoulder?

Here are the lyrics to Shoulder to Shoulder from Pooh's Heffalump Movie:We stand, shoulder to shoulder,We see eye to eye,We dive, deep under water,We jump high in the sky,HighI've never had a best friend before,So I can't be sure, what it feels like,But I think it feels more like this I'm sure,I think I feel more like myself when I'm with you.Finding,FindingLosing and find findingMaking,Making a bond that is strong,Building,Building a house for our friendship,Breathing a breath for our song,Song,For our song.

Your left leg feels dead and numb you have had no injury what is it?

It probably just fell asleep, just wait for it to go back to normal.

What causes pain that feels as if you are being electrocuted in the lower back?


Am so good when am sleep check the correctness of this sentence?

The sentence meaning is very unclear. It could interpreted differently by every reader. Plus, it needs to be grammatically changed. Also, the sentence needs 'asleep' rather than 'sleep'. For example: I am so good when I am asleep. The boy is so good when he is asleep. It feels good to get a good night's sleep. When I am asleep, dreaming is good.

What are the signs of a broken bone?

ive broken my arm once so it feels as if your arm or other parts are asleep and it really hurts to move it

What was winston's marriage like in George Orwell 1984?

Winston feels very little affection for his wife. He unashamedly starts a very sexual relationship with Julia which shows that he cares little about his prior relationship. Winston also feels that his wife feels very little for him and instead lives to serve the Party.

What causes you to have pain below your left hip it feels like a dull pain?

what causes you to have pain below your left hip

How do birds not fall of their perches when they are asleep?

the same way you don't fall off your bed you may be asleep but your mind is always awake and going if you or the bird feels a slight imbalance in your body as in a falling motion you shall wake up as simple as that

What does it mean to dream with flies?

It means your not really dreaming at all your just kind of blank. Nothing happens, Nothing occurs. It feels like one minute you are asleep waiting for a little dream to come and only a couple minutes later, you are awake again, but it is morning.

The pain and tingling starts below my right shoulder blade up over shoulder down arm to hand to fingers where it feels like someone is using a knife on my fingers what causes this?

This sounds as though you may have a problem with the nerves that pass between the vertebrae in your neck over time the space that these nerves pass through can narrow and put pressure on the nerve, leading to tingling numbness and pain.

Your thumb finger is suffering from numbness?

yes it's my right thumb and it feels numb until like my forearm or right before my shoulder

What causes your arm to feel dead when you wake up?

how to wake up a arm that feels dead

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