What cell is the improvement of mucus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Wiki answers is a dreadful website and is really fake as anyone can write on it! :P

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Q: What cell is the improvement of mucus?
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Mucus is moved by which cell?

mucus is moved by the cell epithelial cell

Why is older lab coughing up mucus?

because some labs have a retaining mucus cell that may produce mucus in there older years

Projections from the cell that move materials and mucus are?


What cell parts are cells made up of?

easy! theres the vacuole and the cell wall and the cell mucus and the nucleus and...

These are made by white blood cell to fight diseases?


The specialized cell found in simple and pseudostratified columnar epithelium that produces mucus is the?

goblet cell

What special features does a ciliated cell have to do its job?

A ciliated cell has a number of special features which helps in the normal functioning. They have protruding hairs which are able to trap anything that may be harmful to the cell in the mucus.

What cell produces mucus and cilia waft towards mouth and nose?

Mucus is a sticky substance. Describe how mucus and cilia keep the lungs free of bacteria and dust particles.

Why does the digestive system have so much mucus?

Some mucus is for cell membrane development to protect the body. Another reason may be due to common cold you could have swallow mucus.

What organelle is a mucus-secreting cell that secretes a protein product?


What cell moves mucus and dust particles out of the trachea?


What are mucus producing cells?

The cells that makes mucus are called goblet cells. These are glandular simple columnar epithelial cells that secrete gel forming mucins, which are the major component of mucus.