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What Property of water makes it able to support life?

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Three properties that make water a Good supporter of life are: liquid, solid, and gas, at least that's what i put for my 8th grade homework assignment... :)

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What characteristics of water help support life?

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water is odourless

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Q: What characteristics of water help support life?
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What are some characteristics of water that help support life?

It is a fluid that all living plants and animals relay on for life.

How do nutrients minerals and any other nonliving components in an estuary support life?

Well Some Life Forms Feed On Them. It Decreases Flooding,And They Help Filter The Water

How is land water and air to get the support the life sphere?

how does land water and air together support the lifesphere

What are all characteristics of the marine biome?

Many of the plants, animals, and life support the marine biome.

How does water support life on life?

water gives us food,live,water and gelps us survive

What if there was no water on earth?

Without water, earth would not support life.

Are they plants on Mars?

No, they not plants on Mars...conditions are not suitable to support life. An underdeveloped atmosphere and no water to support life.

What characteristics of life explains how organisms deal with energy?

water and butter

What are the eight characteristics of life and the needs and functions?

enrigr water gasexganeg

Why Earth's support life?

its the only planet with water

What is the ability to support life on mars?


Some astronomers have found evidence for the formation of planets around other stars make a list of three characteristics these planets might need to support life?

an atmosphere, air or what the creature breathes and water