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Q: What did Mendel call the factors thy determine traits?
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What are Mendel's factors?

Mendel's "factors" are now known as genes.

What hereditary factors were described by Mendel?

The first person to put heredity to the test was Gregor Mendel, who systematically tracked dominant and recessive traits in his famous pea plants. Heredity is the passing of traits from parents to their offspring. No one knew about genes at the time. He described what he saw which we call traits.

What did Mendel call the observed trait and the trait that seemed to disappear?

he called the observed traits dominant and the disapear traits recessive.

What do scientistics today call the factors that control traits?


How did gregor mendel describe dominant and recessive traits?

when two have matedthen they have a baby or whatever you call itthen its has both of the parents genesand thats it

What did Gregor Mendel learn?

That inheritance of traits is particulate. That is the male and the female both contribute discrete genetic information that is not blended in the progeny of sexual reproduction. He called these discrete units " factors " and now we call them genes.Genetics.

Small sections of a DNA molecule that determine genetic traits are call?

Small sec

In the late 1800s Mendel predicted the existence of units of hereditary information or factors What do you call these units of hereditary information today?


How does DNA determine the traits of an organism?

DNA contains the genes that determine the traits of an organism. Not all the DNA is in gene form but in what some people call "junk DNA". It has been shown by some that even that is important in the individual.

Who is gregor Johann Mendel and their work?

mendel was a person or scientist u can call who formulated the basic laws of genetics. he gave the concept of dominant and recessive traits and characters. he gave the law of independent assortment he discovered gene but that tym he called it medelian factor.

What are the factors that control a trait called?

what do we call factors that control traits

What did mendel call contrasting forms of genes?