What does biomagnification means?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Molecules that can't broken down comulate at every level in the food chain

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Q: What does biomagnification means?
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What is biomagnification of pesticides?

Biomagnification of pesticides basically means that the concentration of the substance exceeds what it should be. This makes the pesticide more powerful and harmful.

Is organic cultivation a solution to biomagnification?


How can you determine Biomagnification factor?

BMFi =Ciorganism / Cidiet Ciorganism = concentration of i in organism Cidiet = concentration of i in diet BMFi = biomagnification factor of chemical i

How do you prevent biomagnification?

The easiest way to prevent biomagnification would be to cut down or better yet eliminate our pollutants so they cant transfer.

How to prevent biomagnification?

Biomagnification is the increase in pollutants from the environment from one consumer to the next. To avoid this, educate yourself on the diet and living conditions of the food you are eating.

The process by which non-biodegradable pollutants become more concentrated near the top of a food chain is called?

The tendency of chemicals to become more concentrated as they move up the food chain is known

How can you stop biomagnification?

Decrease reliance on harmful pesticides.

How can biomagnification affect tertiary levels?

by killing organisms

What is an example of biomagnification?

Spraying a marsh to control mosquitoes will cause trace amounts of DDT to accumulate in the cells of microscopic aquatic organisms, the plankton, in the marsh. That is an example of Biomagnification.

How do you put Biomagnification in a sentence?

I can not think of a sentence for bio magnification

Which organisms are harmed the most by biomagnification?

The organisms that are harmed the most by biomagnification include algae and plankton. Because these organisms are eaten by fish and even mammals, those animals are harmed as well.

What term is used to describe poisons that accumulate in the food chain?