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What does this part of the cell do?

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Q: What does each part of a anmail cell do?
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What part of anmail forms a thin layer around the outside?

it is cell membrane

How does the anmail and plant cell compare?

they both have a nucleus they both have cells and the both have a cell wall with it

Is man a anmail?

Nothing is considered a "anmail" however humans are animals

What is the job of each cell part?


Why not each part of the cell work alone?

THE cell doesnt WORK alone

What life function does the nucleus carry out?

The nucleus controls and tells each part of the cell what to do.

What is the most common anmail?

probably a cat or doq

What is the four components of blood identify whether each is a cell a part of a cell or a liquid?

The four components are plasma which is a liquid a red blood cell is a cell white blood cell is a cell and platelets are a part of a cell.

What colour is a cell membrane?

i dunno! I am checking out the colour of each part in the plant cell after paper chromatography

What part of a cell carries out a function?

The nucleus has DNA which has all the blueprints that direct the functions of each cell.

Which part in the plant cell is the tough noneliving outer layer of each plant cell it gives the cell shape strength and support?

The cell wall

What is the term for the individual unit of which each part of the body is composed?

The cell is the individual unit of which each part of the body is composed. It also is the smallest independent building block within the body.