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Q: What element is in every amino acid molecules except carbonhydrate and fat molecules?
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Is an amino acid a carbonhydrate?

No. The amino acids are the monomers of proteins, while the carbohydrates or sugars are hydrogen-carbon molecules that are the main (or the first) molecule sources to form energy, mainly in the form of ATP.

What organic molecules contains the element nitrogen?

Amino acids (and thus proteins).

Which element in the molecules of urea shows that it is formed from amino acids and not from glucose?

It has nitrogen.

What molecules are enzymes made of?

Amino acid molecules.

Is oxygen present in protein but not in fats?

Nitrogen is the element present in all proteins except carbohydrates and fats. Amino acids make up all proteins, and they contain the amino group NH2, except for carbohydrates and fats.?æ

What molecules form protiens when linked together with covalent bonds?

Amino acids are the molecules. Dipeptide bonds is the specific name for the covalent bonds.

Are there any amino acids in the periodic table?

An amino acid is a molcule, a collection of atoms including hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen amonst others. The periodic table is a table of the elements so the element sthat make up amino acids a present in it but not the molecules.

What class of molecules contain amino group?

Amino acids

What class of molecules contains the amino group?

Amino acids

Is potassium protein?

Potassium is an element - an alkali metal, to be specific. Proteins are chains of "amino acid residues" - partial amino acid molecules bonded end-to-end - and none of the amino acids that form proteins (there are many of them that do not) contain potassium.

What class of molecules contains the amino group NH2?

Amino acids

The amino group of an amino acid is based on which element?