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  • size
  • age
  • sex
  • health status
  • weight
  • fat:lean mass ratio
  • exercise
  • hormones
  • stress
  • environment
  • time of day
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Q: What factors affect basal body temperature?
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Can antibiotics interfere with your basal body temperature chart?

I have been trying to find out the same answer! This website was very helpful. I you!

What do you mean by basal body temperature?

Your basal body temperature is your body temperature immediately upon rising in the morning. One use of basal body temperature is a woman can tell if she has ovulated based on recording this temperature over time. Before a women ovulates, her basal body temperature is lower. Once she ovulates and her levels of progesterone rise, so does her basal body temperature. There are special thermometers to measure BBT, but you can also just use a regular thermometer.

What is BMT chart?

Basal Metabolic Temperature or sometimes BBT (Basal Body Temperature).

What are the health teachings about basal body temperature method of contraception?

what are health teaching about basal body temperature method of contraception?

What is bmt on a women?

BMT also called Basal Metabolic Temperature or sometimes BBT (Basal Body Temperature).

Fast way to get p pregnant?

If you are trying to get pregnant, the best way of estimating your most fertile days is by taking your basal body temperature. Your basal body temperature is your body's resting temperature when you wake up in the morning. You will need to purchase a basal body temperature thermometer, which are available from most drug stores.

Does menstrual cycle change the body temperature?

No. Many women monitor their menstrual cycles with basal body temperature (BBT) charts to find out when they ovulate. This involves taking your temperature when you awake each morning, before you get out of bed, while your temperature is at its lowest for the day. When you ovulate, your basal body temperature typically rises about half a degree Fahrenheit. In other words, ovulation might affect your body temperature, however your menstrual cycle wouldn't. I hope this answer helps you.

What are elevated Basal body temperature?

During your menstrual cycle, an elevated basal body temperature indicates that you have entered your luteal phase. This means that you have ovulated and moved on from the folicular phase. During the first part of your cycle, your body produced estrogen which lowers the basal body temperature. Once ovulation occurs, the body begins to produce progesterone, which causes basal body temperature to rise slowly until your period comes. Throughout your cycle, your temperature should rise and fall, but it is considered an elevation when the temperature rise above a cover line and stays elevated above it.

What does BMT mean when trying to get pregnant?

It's used when you take the temperature to find out when you are ovulating and means Basal Metabolic Temperature aka Basal Body Temperature (BBT).

Whar factors influence nonbasal energy needs?

Basal Energy expenditure is the amount of energy needed by the body for maintenance of life when a person is at complete digestive, physical, mental, thermal, and emotional rest. The factors that influence non basal energy needs are lean body mass, growth periods, body temperature, and hormonal status.

Why is it important to measure the basal body temperature first thing in the morning?

Body has been at rest.

What factors may affect body temperature after an inguinal hernia repair surgery under general aneshesia?

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