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the cytoskeleton

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Q: What gives animal cells their shape and sturdiness?
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What gives animals cells shape and sturdiness?

the cytoskeleton

What gives animals their shape and sturdiness?


What gives the cell its shape and provides protection but not found in animal cells?

cell wall

Which part of the cell gives form shape and protection?

The cell membrane in animal cells and the cell wall in plant cells give the cell its form, shape, and protection.

How are animal cells and plantcells diff?

the differences are that plant cells have chloroplasts ( which make them green), and cell walls (the hard cover of the cell that gives the cell a shape), and animal cells don't have any of those. also, plant cells are cubed, and animal cells are like globs. animal cells remind me of an off-shape circle. they are ovaly! lol!! hope i helped!!

What does the cell wal do?

The cell wall gives a plant cell shape and structure. Animal cells do not have walls, they have membranes.

Do plant and animal cells have the same shape?

No, animal cell has a abnormal shape and a plant shape is square because it's cell wall holds it that shape.

How is the shape of a animal cell different from plant cell?

Plant cells generally have a rectangular, rigid shape. Animal cells generally are rounded in shape.

Why do plant cells have a cell and animal cell does not?

Becuse plant cells need structure and the cell wall gives it that and it also gives it a defined shape and animals have spines instead so it is not needed/used.

Which part of the animal cell is for support?

An animal cell does not have support, thus it has a indefinite shape. Only plant cells have a cell wall, which supports it and gives it a rectangular shape. the cell membrane keeps the cell together, but not support.

How do animal cells get their shape?

from the cytoskeleton

What is the shape of the cell of animal?

Animal cells are circular. Plant cells are rectangular.