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A number microbes in the soil, water and air transform these nitrogen compounds

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it dies

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Q: What happens to the nitrogen compounds that are not absorb by the plants?
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Can plants absorb nitrogen compounds from soil on their own?

Yes. Vascular plants can absorb nitrogen compounds such as nitrates from the soil on their own.What plants can't do on their own is fix nitrogen from the air into nitrogen compounds. Some plants including legumes (such as peas, beans, lupins) and casuarinas form symbioses with nitrogen-fixing bacteria to form nitrogen into nitrogen compounds.

How does nitrogen enter a food web?

Nitrogen enters the food web when plants absorb nitrogen compounds from the soil and convert them into proteins.

How does nitrogen get out of soil?

From lightening and nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the roots of certain plants.

Two ways by which plants get nitrogen compounds?

Some essential nitrogen compounds can be absorbed by plants from the soil in which they grow. the nitrogen compounds can be provided to the soil by nitrogen-fixing bacteria living in association with the plants and/or from fertilizers. Some nitrogen compounds can also be input to the soil from lightning strikes that provide activation energy to facilitate the reaction of atmospheric nitrogen to produce absorbable nitrogen compounds that can be carried into soil by rain.

Plants use nitrogen to make?

Many compounds in plants include Nitrogen including Proteins and DNA. Note, most plants can not use atmospheric Nitrogen (N2), and must absorb nitrogen that is bonded to hydrogen or carbon such as Ammonia (NH3).

Where does plants get nitrogen?

when animals eat plants,they get nitrogen compounds that their bodies need.plants do not make these nitrogen compounds. so from where do plants get their nitrogen compounds/ from the air

In what form do plants absorb nitrogen?

Nitrogen is needed for all life forms, including plants. Plants absorb nitrogen from soil through their roots in the form of nitrate and ammonia.

When there is not enough nitrogen in the atmosphere for plants how do the plants get it?

Plants do not actually get their nitrogen from the atmosphere. They get it in compounds in the soil through their roots. Some plants form symbiotic relationships with bacteria in the soil. The bacteria draw nitrogen from the air and form nitrogen compounds. The plants can then use the nitrogen.

Which element found in the soil is used by plants in the form of chemical compounds?

Nitrogen is needed by plants and they get it from the soil in compounds that contain the nitrogen.

What is the name of the nitrogen containing salts which plants absorb from the soil?

plants absorb amonnia or nitrate

What plants absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere?


How do most plants take up nitrogen?

plants take in nitrogen compounds through their roots.