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When you exercise, you work your muscles, including your heart. The faster your heart rate gets while exercising, the less it has to work, and the healthier you get. I assume, since your heart beats faster, your blood circulates faster. Basically, if your blood circulates faster, it brings more oxygen to your muscles so they won't tire out. Your circulatory system works the same, just faster.

EDIT: A healthy heart actually beats SLOWER because the body doesn't have to work that hard to circulate the blood throughout the body.

It's harder for people with healthy hearts to get their heart rates up during exercise, on the other hand it's easier for heavier/unhealthy people to get the rate up. This is why heavier people tend to lose weight easier than thin people.

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Q: What happens within the body's circulatory system during exercise?
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When you exercise you are using muscles of the circulatory system and respitory system, and when you use muscles, they get stronger. When muscles of a body system are stronger, the system improves.

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